Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering


This faculty began its activities in 2008 in the fields of electrical and computer engineering, electrical and power engineering, and nuclear engineering. Then in 2009, with the admission of students in the field of information technology and computer architecture, the Department of Computer Engineering was added to this faculty.

In 2013, with the admission of students in the field of telecommunications engineering, majors in system, field, and wave, the Department of Telecommunications was also launched in this faculty.

At present, 19 full-time faculty members are active in this faculty and the academic ranks of 4 of the faculty members are associate professors and the rest are assistant professors.

Moreover, the students of the Masters degree program in all departments and Ph.D. students in the Department of Power Engineering are studying in this faculty.

This faculty has established diverse research cooperation with different electrical, telecommunications, and computer industries, and this motion has paved the ground for the increase of students research capabilities in the process of conducting the projects.